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I.R. Metals For Industry Ltd.

I.R. Metals For Industry prides itself on its ongoing and constantly increasing standing in the international Scrap metal recycling arena. Its renowned name is honoured both with Industries in Israel as well as across the globe. The company handles a wide range of non-ferrous scrap metals. Specializing in aerospace grades of High Temp and High Speed alloys. With a well oiled logistics department serving both suppliers and customers, IR can provide a comprehensive and global range of solutions for all your recycling requirements. Its High Quality standards met can ensure its customers outstanding quality of materials ordered and required for recycling.
Precious Metal Refining
recycling requirements

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Nearly 35 years of expertise
Continuous environmental and ecological concerns throughout
Top-Of-The-Range Hi-Tech sorting and handling equipment
Professional and expertise chain of recycling operations
Adhering to stringent international ISO standards.
Strategic positioning in the center of Israel close to both seaports and international airport.
Continuous communication and cooperation with suppliers and customers both in Israel and across the glbe.
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Electronic Surplus

Electronic Surplus
Ir Metals used electronics division specializes in the purchase and sale of used test and measuring equipment. Enabling to increase sustainability and environmental protection instead of dumping. The electronic units are sold locally and internationally to professionals who require equipment of this nature.

Operation Process

Operation Process
The Surplus and scrap metals are purchased by the company through tenders or alternative suppliers and traders who meet IR's stringent standards. Prices for the metals are updated on a daily basis according to market fluctuations.
Trucks bring in the scrap metal to the companies works after liaising with the works management.
On Arrival, the metal is offloaded, weighed and placed in the pre-sorting bays
The works teams, sort and segregate the metals according to their various grades using traditional and Hi-Tech sorting methods, including XRF, Spark . The segregated metal is stored in designated crates.
The sorted metals are then prepared for export, by either briquetting, loading in Crates, Jumbo Bags, palletizing or stored loose in loading bays .
Maritime containers are transported to the sea-ports when filled with designated grades of scrap metals.
The entire process is closely overseen by a nominated health and safety member of staff, whos job it is to ensure the safety of not only the trained works employees, but also visitors and suppliers who visit the premises

Metals Recycling

Metals Recycling
I.R Metals For Industry Ltd. Supplies a range of solutions for all of types of metals destined for recycling.
The scrap metal is collected by the company, sorted, prepared and packed ready for export to recycling plants worldwide.
Materials handled include, Copper Cables, scrap radiators, Titanium Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Tin, Lead, metals from electronic dismantling and more.
All forms and grades are handled from oversize fabrications requiring cutting, solids requiring briquetting, Scrap turnings etc.
Metals are collected and exported against contracts from I.R's wide range of customers from across the globe.
I.R's logistical department is constantly working closely with all major shipping lines to ensure that the most favorable terms are obtained and the optimal handling solutions are used for all shipments.
This enables IR to offer a better service to its suppliers and maintain itself competitively in the recycling market.